Honest MyAdmissionEssay.com Review

This is my first attempt at formally reviewing anything, so please be kind. I’ve ordered an essay from an online writing service and I want this to be a guide for anyone who thinks about outsourcing their assignments but cannot decide because of lack of info and reasonable doubts. So, here it goes, MyAdmissionEssay.com review.

MyAdmissionEssay: how I chose it

Of course, when it comes to shady practices like buying essays and all the matters where your credit card is involved, you are bound to be a bit apprehensive. With something else I would ask around for recommendations, but I didn’t want to advertise that I’m about to hire essay service to the entire campus, so I had to look online and decide for myself.

I just googled the type of work I needed and added "buy". Then, I went through quite a lot of websites. To be honest, they all looked pretty much alike, but MyAdmissionEssay looked the most up-to-date. Despite the name, they appeared to do all sorts of assignments, so they suited me. Besides, their logo was a paper plane. I have a paper plane tattoo on my wrist, so I took it as a good omen. Basically, it was random.

I did have my doubts whether MyAdmissionsEssay.com scam people or the service is legit, but then I saw the widget where you can calculate the price of your order before you even sign in. Them being overt about the pricing gave them additional trust points in my eyes.

MyAdmissionsEssay.com order process

Before you can actually place an order, you have to create an account with a real email. You will later use it as a login to your personal admin dashboard on the site. NOTE: don’t use made-up emails. I wanted to enter bogus address myself. "Is MyAdmissionsEssay safe? Can I trust these guys? What if they will sell my data or spam me or worse?" That’s understandable, but don’t, because they will send your paper there. So use a valid email you have access to.

Don’t use your college email. Maybe it’s obvious, but I thought it’s worth mentioning. College people won’t like you buying essays. There is a possibility they filter emails like that or get warnings or something, so it’s better to be cautious.

When you are signed it, you place your order by filling out the form. It asks for all the particulars and there you can enter any promotional codes you have (more on that later). After all that, you will have the final price and will proceed to payment.

MyAdmissionsEssay discount code and other ways to save

I’m a frugality geek and I always look for ways to save here and there, so I’ve made a search for MyAdmissionsEssay coupon code before placing the order. Coupons sites offer quite a range, but they all fall somewhere between 10% and 15%. So, if you want to get some crazy discount that will cut the price by half – too bad. Writing services usually don’t offer such deals. Still, 15% is nice enough.

Yet the coolest thing is that you do not have to pay the very moment you are ordering. This feature is unique and much needed! Apart from making sure that these guys aren’t fraud, you can actually save on it. How?

When you order a college paper online, there is a high chance you’re doing it because of the time pressure and deadline looming, so the earlier they start working on it, the better. However, most of such services require payment upfront – without it, they won’t even assign the work to a writer. Therefore, if you don’t have an immediate possibility to make the payment (you are broke, you don’t remember all the details, you wish to do it inconspicuously in class without waving your card around, etc.) you have to wait until later. That means, shortening the deadline and increasing the price, which is not a smart move. MyAdmissionsEssay allows you to postpone the payment up to 14 days! You will still have to pay before you get the goods, but this option allows you to save $5 to $19 on every single page.

MyAdmissionsEssay feedback and support

After you’ve placed an order all you have to do is wait. However, in my case there was a little problem – I had an essay that should have compared a translation of the literary work into English with its Spanish original, so MyAdmissionsEssay support team contacted me and asked for clarifications and any helpful materials I might have. After I promised to send all the college guidelines and e-book copies of the required book their way, they suggested VIP package and tried to upsell other stuff to me, but not obnoxiously, so I was able to decline (I usually suck at saying no to salespeople).

All in all, it was a satisfying experience. The essay itself didn’t raise any suspicions, because it was more about analysis and less about personal musings. It wasn’t brilliant, but enough for a passing grade, and outsourcing it saved me a lot of time.

I wouldn’t recommend using online writing services for classes where you write a lot and the instructor is familiar with your manner of writing. With other person doing your work, there are bound to be disparities in style, which your instructor will spot. But for auxiliary disciplines you took only for credit hours it makes sense.